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Put simply, we take care of your payroll needs 52 weeks a year, enabling you to focus on running your business. We can implement a solution to best suit your individual requirements, whether it be online or via hardcopy. We also provide you with:

  • Electronic payment of wages, superannuation and payment summaries
  • Clear, informative, easy to understand reports and secure pay advice slips which are accessible on the same day or following morning
  • Leave and superannuation calculations and reports
  • Automatic electronic payments of wages (EFT) or information supplied for online banking
  • Guaranteed compliance with all superannuation and taxation legislation
  • Employee entitlements kept up-to-date
  • Termination and redundancy calculations and payments
  • Assistance with Award interpretations & changes, as well as any other enquiries
  • End of Financial Year Payment Summaries

All timesheets and payroll requests can be entered online through our secure website and, once the timesheet has been submitted, we look after everything else. This includes pay advices, all payroll reports, as well as all of your end of financial year processing, including Payment Summaries and lodging your information with the Australian Taxation Office.

Payroll Outsourcing

Outsourcing Payroll has many benefits and can be a great way to free up both time and costs associated with running your business. By working with Payrite, you can be assured that your payroll is left to the experts, and issues such as complicated payroll systems, non-compliance and even disgruntled employees will be a thing of the past for both you and your company. There are many other advantages to be gained from outsourcing your business’ payroll. These can include:

Saving Costs

Rather than pursuing an internal payroll system, by outsourcing your payroll you no longer have to worry about the costs associated with

  • Payroll staff salaries
  • Computer hardware and costly software,
  • IT support & Disaster recovery,
  • Payroll staff training.
  • Office space, stationary, pays advices etc.

Many owners of small to medium size companies often chose to do the payroll themselves, which takes valuable time and money away from their core business. Outsourcing the payroll can lessen the expenses associated with each pay process, and is often a much smarter, cost-effective solution for your business.

Saving Time

Handling your own Payroll can be a time-consuming task, especially if your business is in the process of growing or changing. There are checks and balances that vary from employee to employee and a high attention to detail is required to ensure no errors occur when processing a pay. Outsourcing your payroll immediately frees up precious time and allows your business owner, human resources or accounting staff to work on more strategic tasks that will be beneficial to the company.

Ensuring Compliance

In the Payroll world, changes are constantly occurring like never before. Time and proficiency is required to keep up with changes to legislation, ATO compliance, and lodging requirements.
Annually, small to medium business can spend up to $150,000 fixing payroll errors, and almost a third of these businesses incur fines or penalties for non-compliance on top of this cost. Outsourcing your payroll delivers peace of mind and reduces these expenses by diminishing the potential costs of payroll mistakes. It also means that you have access to someone who can guarantee you both accuracy and compliancy with every pay process.

Guaranteed Security

As payroll specialists, it’s our job to provide a secure platform that operates within your payroll needs. It’s part of our job to work with highly skilled and specialised IT professionals, who administer and maintain our network and servers, while providing our clients with state-of the art systems for storing and protecting data. Extremely complex security is often costly, however by outsourcing your payroll, this is provided to your company as part of our service.

The staff at Payrite are all experts with a high attention to detail, and we take pride in our personal, responsive service. With payroll being an essential part of any business, we are able to dedicate our time and resources to this while your company focus on its own expertise.


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